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The online trading market is a significant part of the global economy. E-commerce combines commerce, banking, marketing and other areas. Its rapid development creates great demand for specialists in this field.


E-commerce Professions

An e-commerce specialist (e-commerce) provides online trading with online stores, applications and other services.

A good employee understands the Internet business, owns the specifics of trade, the principles of marketing; understands logistics, is able to conduct a dialogue with suppliers and customers.

Among the most sought-after experts in the field of online commerce are the following:

  • Content manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Purchasing Manager;
  • Account Manager;
  • Internet marketer;
  • SEO specialist;
  • Department heads;
  • Commercial Director;
  • CEO;

It is these people who take the business to a new level and give rise to online sales. For them, there are now many jobs.

Most of them work in the offices of the company. But the specifics of working on the Internet allows some managers to work on freelancing.



Online Store Managers

In the online store, as in any other, the main working directions are the purchase of goods, selection of the range and work with customers. These tasks are performed by managers.

Content managers post product descriptions on the site, photos, specifications. Usually, a career in e-commerce begins with this position.

The next step is the sales manager. He picks up the range, knows all about the goods sold.

The third step is the head of the sales department who is responsible for the quantity of goods sold and the profit.

In large online stores, managers also work with suppliers. The responsibilities of the purchasing manager include:

  • Maintaining partnerships with suppliers.
  • Search and establish contact with new suppliers.
  • Search for a product by purchasing it at a lower price. 

The account manager is one of the most important employees, because shoppers are a source of income for an online store. The quality of communication with customers depends on whether they will place an order and how conflict situations will be resolved.


The top staff of the online store

The sales manager is responsible for the range and procurement.

Operations Director controls the warehouses, is responsible for logistics.

Business Development Director performs market analysis and monitors website promotion.

The CEO of the company manages the online store.


Career E-Commerce Specialists

Career growth in online commerce is quite rapid. Since the direction is relatively new and rapidly developing, in the process of work there are constantly new problems that need to be addressed. This mode of operation allows the employee to express themselves.

The income of experts in the field of e-commerce in different countries:

  • In the US, the average salary of e-commerce managers is $ 54,000 per year.
  • The average salary of an e-commerce manager in the UK is $ 36,352.
  • In Holland, the manager’s salary is $ 60,193.
  • In Singapore - $ 45.759.
  • In Australia - $ 51,255 per year.

Workers have the opportunity to climb the career ladder in just a few months. The prospects are great. It all depends on the efforts of the employee and the company in which he works.


The development of e-commerce has increased competition between online stores. And, as a result, the struggle for buyers only intensifies.

Companies need highly qualified specialists. Good specialists will always be able to attract customers and make customers loyal to the company's products. This will bring the business to a new level and increase its income.



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