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E-commerce. The World trends in 2019.

E-commerce. The World trends in 2019.

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The peak of e-commerce is in 2020. Such publications can be observed in dozens of online sources. Is it really so? If you take a closer look at the analytics, you can clearly see that online trading is progressing much faster. For a year so accurately ahead of the forecasts of economists. Not every industry can boast such rapid indicators, which gives the right to call the 2019th year a triumphant period for e-commerce. Of course, this is not the limit of economic progress, not all 100% of businessmen will switch to online commerce, because no one is able to guarantee a furious success to this or that entrepreneur. What we can do is to display statistics, analyze the market and make predictions based on numbers.

Real estatetransport, electronicshousehold goodsequipment for the provision of services - everything has long been available for purchase / sale through the network on more favorable terms than offered in offline stores. Perhaps only the category «Food» last transformed online. Because of the shelf life of individual components, the level of need for a person, grocery stores will continue to live outside the Internet, but this does not mean that they will not sell them on the Internet at all. Ice cream and yogurt, of course, people not will buy on the Internet, eggs and fish, too, but as for the categories of «Drinks» and «Groceries» - there will always be a consumer.

What contributes to local / global commerce on the Internet? What are the trends of 2019?

Be a step, or even two, ahead of competitors — the best you can apply for business. The number of online stores is increasing daily, everyone wants to stand out from the rest, to demonstrate the advantages in the best way: some hire cool web designers, others call on marketing gurus. It is never clear what method and in what direction it will shoot, because everyone copes as his thinking and capabilities allow him.

To track web innovations, to introduce technologies, nobody prohibits polishing his style. I will say more: it is necessary to do it. Just act as if this is the last chance for success: invest your soul, mind, finances - everything you have and even not. “To get a buyer closer to you” is your main goal! Electronic technology is incredibly important when a consumer becomes familiar with a product / service. Develop attractive, "flashy" about the Brand techniques, then the business will be out of competition.

1. Artificial Intelligence. 2019th, the integration of artificial intelligence will become even more active. Bots serving customers, bots in networks show us an impressive start. The lion's share of the budget will be spent on the construction, development and application of new products that facilitate the work in the network. Creating applications based on artificial intelligence technology, the use of chat-bots will allow the seller to give the consumer exactly the desired product / service, and based on the search and previously purchased - to recommend the following positions.

What else does artificial intelligence allow:

* Reduce the time and level of effort on the search.

* Troubleshoot problems and get help in transactions.

* Allows you to process payments in the application itself.

Created on artificial intelligence bots are able to recognize human speech and learn new things. A direct proof of this is the robot Sophia already presented to us. Moreover, chat bots will be able to assess consumer preferences, predict the next purchase, respectively, determine the most effective marketing direction.

2. The Global Marketplaces. It is much more profitable to go where "all inclusive" than individually search for all sorts of little things. For this simple reason, users are go the global trading floors. What this means: you need to develop a business in crowded places. Do you want active sales - build your activities on the marketplace.

3. Device - the main instrument of purchaseThis process was launched not yesterday, but in 2019 it will work with double force. How many times a day do you use the phone: 5 or all the same 50? Even just for the sake of interest count. Data in some sources say: a third of total online sales are already carried out using mobile phones. Marketplaces, single sites, online stores... they all need to fit beautifully on your compact screen! That's just how they will actively engage in modernization. Functionality to improve for the sake of increasing the percentage of sales.

Almost around the clock people use mobile devices. For many modern people, tablets are the main way of making money, and mobile phones are a means of communication for different ages and social status of the population: from grandmothers to children; from housewives to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Accordingly, they are the most popular goods from the category "Electronics".

Buying using familiar devices on the go or lying on the couch, for example, during insomnia hours, is much easier than specifically allocating time to stay at the table, looking in the monitor. That is why online stores should work on the adaptability of design for any device, as we have already done  the marketplace NYiGDE?, giving people free access, comfortable stay 24/7. You can not bother, not spend the budget for the services of a programmer, but simply create your website for free on NYiGDE?. Convenient website builder is always at your service. Just create a personal online store without spending a penny. In a few steps you get an online store already set up for sales / purchases from any device.

4. Multichannel. It often happens that users search for a product / service using one device, and make a payment from another (for example, a PC - a smartphone). Or they see the goods in social networks, but for the purchase you need to go to the site. You need to be available for different audiences on all devices, place and maintain channels, look wonderful on all electronic devices and browsers, which we emphasize in paragraph 3.

5. Mobile applications make life easier for online business.

Want more sales - web application development will be one of the best ways. First of all, it concerns large projects: trading platforms, crypto-exchanges, social networks, banks, etc. The worse the usual shops? No, no worse. The difference lies in the number of pages, positions,just they reach perfection at times easier. Users will be more convenient to find and buy products within the application. Get involved in development. Believe me, this is not an extra block of work.

6. Virtual and additional reality. Pokemon GO — not the best that developers in this area imagine. At first it was perceived as just another entertainment, and no more. But. Swiss corporation IKEA created a special application, using which people can experiment with the design of housing, offices and other premises. To the smallest detail and accuracy in size: sofas, dressers, tables and chairs, style and colors, appliances ... you can create a perfect layout for yourself with a light touch of a finger. Yes, this is probably one of the best tools for a successful business.

7. Voice control — not just another function for entertainment, but a way to reduce the time spent searching. People are equipped with devices, most of which have the function of voice control. If you need something, it is always easier to act according to a standard scheme, for example: “Ok, Google, where can I wash the car?”. So, if you are the owner and your car wash is not on the map, the voice assistant from the phone will not tell anyone where your car wash is and whether it is near, but will send the client to competitors.

With the help of the voice, most often, they are looking for hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, food delivery, clothing stores, grocery stores (studies from BrightLocal). According to forecasts, the “voice” was supposed to become a world trend in 2018, but still this did not happen. Moreover, one should not rule out that the peak of his glory will come no earlier than 2020.

To apply ideas, ideas, trends of this, previous and future years in practice is impossible without well-developed software products that in most areas are created individually for each brand. E-commerce is eager for IT innovations. If you try to make a really good tool or, at least, apply existing technologies correctly, then everything will be very successful for your business!


Думаю, все интернет магазины должны создавать мобильные приложения. Это очень удобно для людей. Скачал, выбрал в меню в любое время и смотришь что там нужно. Нажал - Купил. Большинство именно так делают, потому магазинам было бы хорошо потратить деньги на разработку, потом всеравно окупится.
Жека Малий 12:44 04.02.2019
Все купую зі смартфону, впевнений, що я такий не один. Часто просто запитую у Гугла, тому з цього переліку виділяю два тренди: голосове управління та моб. додатки.
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