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CryptoKit for iOS 13

CryptoKit for iOS 13

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«Apple» again surprised, and this time not a new model Мас, iPhone.

What is CryptoKit?

CryptoKit — tool for safe and efficient execution of crypto operations. At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, a new Apple product was shown. And yes, this is the first significant step of the “apple” company towards the crypto industry. Although, if you recall, a little earlier, existing and former employees of Apple have already shown interest in this industry. For example, Steve Wozniak first carried away, and then sold the Bitcoins due to disappointment in the crypt.

CryptoKit allow developers to perform common crypto operations, including hashing, encryption, and key generation. Developers will be able to automatically handle tasks, which makes their applications even safer, rather than processing them in lower-level interfaces.

According to Alejandro Machado (co-founder of the Open Money Initiative), the implications for cryptocurrency developers are significant: “For the first time, developers can use a secure enclave to manage user’s keys on an IPhone, achieving a security level similar to hardware”.

For Apple, key features will be present at CryptoKit:

1. Creating symmetric keys and using them to authenticate and encrypt messages.

2. Comparison, calculation of cryptographically protected digests.

3. Using public key cryptography for creating and evaluating digital signatures, including key exchange. In addition to working with keys stored in memory, users can use private keys that are stored in Secure Enclave, managed by. (a source the block crypto)

Recall: last June, Apple, after an updated composition of the App Store managers, imposed a ban on developing applications for the use of crypto-mining.


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