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C-therapy. Cancer treatment.

C-therapy. Cancer treatment.

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Vitamin C deficiency can lead to unhappy consequences: fragility of blood vessels, the spread of viruses in the body, pain in the joints, bleeding gums, deterioration of the skin and mucous membrane of our body, and the most unpleasant - reduced immunity, which is extremely dangerous when fighting oncology!

Hyperdose of vitamin C is actively fighting and completely destroy stem cancer cells. Like a number of other effective anti-cancer methods, C-therapy carefully conceals pharmaceutical companies from the people. No pharmacy in the world will sell you a truly active drug. What can be found is the unmeasured number of expensive biological additives, with a level of efficiency = 0.00. Why? But because it simply does not exist, and all for a single reason: greed, financial insatiability of monopolists. The improvement of the material condition on another's grief.

Onco patients should seriously think about treatment with vitamin C. Other degenerative diseases can also be treated with large doses of vitamin C. But, again, the insidious "but" is present: the drug itself must be organic. Otherwise, you simply fill the already weakened body with a dose of toxins.

The effectiveness of natural cancer treatments is true, proven not once. Doctors, in one voice, according to the scheme, are advised to everyone in a row chemistry. But! Chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells, but also affects other healthy organs! Thus, the patient is, as it were, on the one hand treated for cancer, and seemingly successful, but on the other - destroys the entire body. People consciously agree to chemotherapy, and after that they seek salvation in traditional medicine. For this reason, most methods for treating oncology do not bring the expected result.

L.Poling (the discoverer of the effects of vitamin C) and E. Cameron conducted experiments using C-therapy. 13 hopelessly (according to doctors) oncology patients, daily took 10 g of vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant. To improve performance, vitamin C is administered intravenously. Due to the short half-life (two hours), it must be administered in large doses. Thus, scientists were able to slow the progression of the disease. Taking the drug in pills does not affect the tumor in any way.

Effects of vitamin C on the affected cells.

An insufficiently high concentration of vitamin C in the tumor does not demonstrate a favorable result (M. Levin proved in 2009). Brain cancer, lung cancer and the effects of vitamin C are associated with cancer cell metabolism. As a result of the metabolism that occurs inside the mitochondria (1 cell contains 2,000 mitochondria, together making up 25% of the cell itself) unhealthy cells, these cells provoke ultra-high levels of redox active iron molecules. When interacting with vitamin C, these molecules form free radicals and hydrogen peroxide. Scientists are of the opinion very same free radicals form and make cancer cells vulnerable and treatable.

Breast cancer and vitamin C. In the fluid that surrounds the tumor, hydrogen peroxide is formed. This happens due to ascorbic acid. That's just this peroxide and kills oncocytes. How exactly? Cancer cells need to be put on a strict diet in the truest sense of the expression. Glucose in no way should enter the body. Vitamin C in large quantities mutes the work of the GLUT1 enzyme, which is responsible for the supply of glucose, the main food, to the affected cells. Thus, cancer dies from hunger.

Rectal cancer. Vitamin C can even affect chemically resistant tumors, severe forms of cancer. How the experiment was conducted: carcinogens were injected into rodents, after which they were inhibited by huge doses of vitamin C contained in 200 oranges. As a result, the tumors began to shrink in volume in most mice and even partially disappear.

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