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Rich and famous in NYIGDE? Blog

Rating of the most influential women millionaires who have achieved financial recognition without a grandmother's inheritance and wealthy boyfriends. Top 5 role models in the heading "Rich and famous".


"I always knew that become rich...".

Equity billionaire, investment guru, stock dictator, owner of numerical monopolistic companies and the world's second magnate according to Forbes. The secret to the success of W. Buffett on the blog of the company NYiGDE?.


The richest and most famous people who earned the first million to 30 years. How did you manage to get rich and is it really possible? Details in the passion.


Revolutionary ІТ, founder of the giant Apple, a successful entrepreneur and a genius of nanotechnology. For what and why did Steve Jobs get kicked out of his own company?

We are talking about the creation of Apple I, Macintosh, NeXT, iPad, iPod, iPhone here and now!

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Only in the category of our blog to read articles about the most successful and richest people around the globe. Both earned their first all known as business geniuses? What is the secret to billion-dollar success? What it is: talent, intelligence, intuition, or just luck? Talk about "money very well inside and reveal all sorts of secrets.