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Budget sports club in 3 stages.

Budget sports club in 3 stages.

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It is common for everyone to dream of a decent income, but few people attend the idea that a business can at the same time not only be successful, but also beautiful and healthy. The demand for sporting goods and services is steadily growing, therefore, it is quite realistic to earn money. If you are an ambitious and hardworking person, ready to devote your life to the sport business - the fitness industry is a good start. Main rules: effort, work, patience, endurance.

Expensive but reliable: buy a franchise.

To purchase a franchise, you need finance, however, as in any business. The franchise is worth the money: a ready-made business scheme, the club's trademark, premises and advertising. In this case, you can use the business development of an already successful institution, including scripts, video lessons to win customers. Make predictions and develop a strategy. With the franchise, you will always be confident in the equipment; you can return it to the owner at any time.

Budget, but with a risk probability: a club with "0".

All the efforts of the voluntary-forced will have to take over: rent / purchase of premises, repairs, equipment, strategy, personnel, taxes, etc..

The room. 

Conduct market analysis services. Most clubs are targeted at wealthy clients. The number of small, cheap halls is limited, and this is what they say "at hand". You can compete with both those and others by opening a room with moderate pricing and decent conditions. No, this does not mean that you need to buy expensive simulators, mats, etc., but offer for nothing. Choose a neutral position: better than cheap and cheaper than expensive gyms. Be sure to shower and locker room. Lack of amenities scares visitors!


Professional coaches need to pay a decent salary. You have skills - teach a person without education. To maintain the status of the club, introduce modern technology. When selecting coaches, it is important not only a toned and athletic body, but also charisma, interpersonal skills, pleasant facial features. You need to attract a client, interest, sell, advise and teach, because it must be a universal specialist: marketing specialist, manager, salesman, promoter, nutritionist, instructor. Clients are primarily focused on a positive coach who is genuinely interested in their outcome. Constant staff turnover affects the reputation of the club and is accompanied by the loss of customers.


Buying a franchise simplifies the promotion of a sports club, the brand will provide advertising, but it is expensive. You can try different marketing moves, because success depends on many factors: location, sign, managers, staff, quality of equipment, repairs, effectiveness of training. That is why you need to try, stopping at the most effective.

And, you know, the best method for “word of mouth” has not yet been invented, except for the placement and advertising on the business platform NYiGDE?. Pay much attention to the first customers. Carry out on your hands in every sense, to get in the ranks of visitors of their friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc. Remember the promotions. for example:

* «Bring a girlfriend and get a discount 10%»

* «Buy a subscription before the end of the month and get 1 bonus workout»

Try to make deals for a quarter, six months, thus form a long-term relationship. Motivate people, make sure that to achieve the result requires a systematic and period of active training. In the summer, the number of customers decreases dramatically; you need to carefully consider the actions. After the term of the contract expires, motivate the client for further training, for the next purchase of the subscription.

Marketing research.

The location of the hall is the most important criterion. Sleeping area, the city center is always convenient, and therefore cost-effective. Examine the needs, financial capabilities of potential customers, conduct monitoring of existing clubs, create an advantage of your sports club.

In addition to the above, you can always find more budget ways of sports earnings: conduct dance lessons, provide paid training and advice, develop a set of trainings and sell sports goods in a free online store.

Inspire, create, work and earn with the help of the business platform NYiGDE?.


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