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Amazon uses the latest innovations in its work.

Amazon uses the latest innovations in its work.

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Amazon has developed a new store concept

E-commerce is developing quite rapidly. Giants of this field regularly present new technologies and solutions that make the online market more convenient and affordable. For example, now in Amazon they are developing a new type of stores, among which there will be grocery pickup points. They are called AmazonFresh Pickup. Open the first point plan in Seattle.

The date of opening the store in Seattle is not yet known, but Amazon employees can already use it. The company also presented a video in support of this store concept, places in which will be available only to Prime members.

After opening, customers will be able to make orders online using a computer or mobile phone. They will be able to choose the necessary products, which now have food. Amazon workers will collect the order and bring it directly to the car at the specified location. Representatives of the company assure that no more than 15 minutes will pass from the moment of ordering to direct delivery.

Amazon is making great efforts to gain a foothold in the physical retail market. During the year, the e-commerce giant opened a shopping center, bookstore and pick-up points. Also in December last year, a video was presented, which shows all the benefits of Amazon Go - a store without cashiers.


Amazon Improves Warehouse Automation

It is likely that Amazon will become the owner of a 29% stake in a French company that develops technologies for Balyo autonomous warehouse equipment. The e-commerce giant plans to deploy forklifts with technology driven by Balyo in warehouses.

This technology turns ordinary loaders into autonomous systems that fully perform the functions of scanning bar codes to moving goods on pallets.

These robots easily determine their location, bypass obstacles and barriers, which allows them to move safely around the warehouse or production facility.

The devices have a navigation system Geoguidance, thanks to which the warehouses do not need additional infrastructure: laser beacons, magnets, floor markings.

In 2018, the logistics automation market was estimated at $ 46.22 billion. According to forecasts, by 2023 it will already be $ 80.64 billion. That is, it will increase almost 2 times.

Logistics robotization requires a serious change in many processes in the company. For example, the location of the shelves, magnetic lines, the location of the zone where the robot brings the goods depends on it. The only thing that could not be changed so far is that the person is indispensable at the last stage - on the assembly of the order.



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