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Absurd business. Idea for a million.

Absurd business. Idea for a million. in NYIGDE? Blog

Paparazzi in shock! A collection of clothes that can ruin any photo. Heard about this? Not? And we are, and ready to share.

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Scientists in Singapore have come up with a new technology for creating medicines. One 3D tablet per day solves all problems and cures ailments. Business on the tuning of tablet. Read! We ourselves are in shock.

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Earnings on the most useless gadget, which came up thanks to the villainous situation. Is this an Absurd Business? We draw conclusions individually.

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Wealth thanks to paradox. Device (wand), which helps get rid of hiccups. How does the Hiccup Stick work? Read and motivate to achieve.

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Dream to get rich? See the section "Ideas for million" the most unusual kinds to create a business. How to make a fortune on the simplest things? Tell all articles and show in the photo. Read the BLOG "NYiGDE?" and become wiser with each new article. Wealth for all of us, friends!