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8 methods of successful marketing in e-commerce.

8 methods of successful marketing in e-commerce.

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How to find and apply productive methods for your business? You will not find the answer in economics textbooks and the teachers will not tell you at the lectures.

Insanely diverse and complex to obscenityPerhaps this is a worthy definition of e-commerce marketing. Finding the very techniques that will lead to a financially successful present and not less profitable future - this is a real achievement in e-business. You managed to achieve this - all the applause in your address! From now on, you can assign the status of "Marketing Guru" and buy yourself a medal.

Can talk about marketing endlessly, and quote Kotler until the morning. And what's the point? Let's understand and implement the techniques in the business.

1. Analytics. The “golden key” to success is data analytics. What you need to be able to do in any business? Yes, correctly analyze the data. It can be tedious and boring: a bunch of spreadsheets, even more incomprehensible graphs and numbers that you need to figure out yourself and explain to your colleagues where it all came from. Want an impressive result - learn to analyze. What for?:

* The impact of analytics on marketing in general is incredibly large. But what to explain, you yourself wonderfully understand that market segmentation, any brand promotion, consumer engagement, its so-called “retention” and other seemingly trivial things require analysts. The Work on the principle of "finger in the sky" ...? And sense, if the percentage of efficiency = 0.

* In e-marketing needs every category of business. How to achieve profitability and competitiveness without analyzing the market? Right that's impossible.

How to know without analysis:

 Is the direction of business chosen correctly?

 How successful is your current activity?

 How to reduce costs and increase profits?

2. Data collection and control. Learning to collect the necessary data for the company - no less important analysis. The analysis and collection of information can be combined into one common point, but still let's analyze in more detail.

How to find out what the consumer wants, do you like your product / service, what needs to be changed, added, thrown away? Let's say you made changes to the payment method. How do you make sure that users really enjoy shopping? How do you know if the number of sales has increased or decreased, are the customers happy, or have you complicated the process? Once a quarter to visit psychics? Hmm, funny, isn't it? For all this, you need to collect data, analyze the conversion and take actions in the best direction for the business and the client. Well, after clearing - to keep the movement under control.

3. web-development. No, no one says that you need to write codes yourself, although it would be wonderful. The ability to understand, in any case, must be present. Many online business owners don’t care about the source code, prefer to hire a programmer and don’t think about it. Try to master at least basic knowledge. In successful digital marketing, this is really necessary. This way you will be able to control more work operations, communicate in plain language what it is like to work and send your web engineer back on track. There is another way, greatly simplified and even free. Do you think this does not happen? Oh, no, friends, you are on the marketplace NYiGDE?, and here perhaps much more. Press the button, create an online store and live carefree.


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Online shopping in NYiGDE? - this:

 Adaptability store design for any devices and ready-made, very creative templates. Choose and use.

 Technically powerful functionality and simple interface.

 CMS for doing business online.

 Total absence of restrictions on the amount of adding goods and services.

 Multicurrency in the payment system and multilingualism when communicating with clients.


 No test period and hidden fees.

 You will have technical support from a team of specialists.

And a very important advantage: organization of business relations with dealers, partners, suppliers globally!

The conclusion is obvious: why hire people and create a website with a “0”, if on NYiGDE? is everything ready for a successful start and effective promotion? The “golden key” to marketing in e-commerce is simply in front of you. Take action.

4. Resource design. Accentuate again: people love with their eyes! Stylish, attractive appearance and simple functionality not only attracts buyers, but also declines to purchase. Design in electronic marketing is, perhaps, one of the most important techniques that you definitely need to work on. How your ad looks, how informative the page is and how attractive the product image is, the percentage of sales will depend. Here even the smallest element is important. And if the design looks poor, ridiculous, - in a word, unprofessional, then now wave your pen and to the buyer say "Bye!".

5. Content. So, where to start ... I will say briefly, you need to learn to write! Not just to make sentences with punctuation marks correctly, but to invent selling text. Each phrase is important in its own way: a post in social networks, a description of product cards, articles about the company and products, instructions for use / on purchases, scripts for video, etc., requires good text. Useful, informative, seo-pumped text is a significant part for business promotion on the Internet. With the help of the text you will generate traffic, notify users about the benefits of the business, strengths, tell about competitiveness. People should not remain indifferent, looking at your content.

6. Email distribution. The design is ready, the content is there, and now you need to present beautiful ideas and share achievements with the people. The main thing is to attract as many customers to the site. Naturally, this will require analysis and information gathering. You find our audience and send the best content. Emails are recognized as one of the most effective ways of online marketing, so it’s even a sin to miss this way.

7. SEO. Indexation by search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) brings Internet business to the TOP. You may miss another point, but not the optimization. Marketing in e-commerce requires you to do this, search engines ask, so give them what they want! If you want to see your company in first positions by request - SEO will help you. But again, if there is no desire to study or spend money on a specialist - an online store on the marketplace NYiGDE? already SEO-optimized.

8. Marketing automation simplify workflow (mailing, bots, SMS ...) and + save you from a number of costs. Absolutely no difference, you sell real estate or food - automate and simplify life.

Why do you need to automate marketing? You:

* facilitate work with clients;

* save on monthly salary payments;

* You do not have to constantly monitor employees;

* You stop tormenting boring affairs.

Follow the template instructions from the regular brochure, use the advice of our platform, or independently develop successful marketing methods in e-commerce is a personal matter for everyone. Just remember that not a single marketer is familiar with your business. Dig deep, look wider and become successful.


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