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5G. What will people get from the introduction of new technology.

5G. What will people get from the introduction of new technology.

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Wireless data transfer + round-the-clock Internet is the main thing that people demand from mobile communication developers in the 21st century. SMS and calls for a long time is not a priority, technology is progressing and the creators have no time to relax. 3G has not been a delight to users for a long time, and 4G is no longer surprising. It's time to move on.

The 5th generation of mobile communications or, as is customary to hear, 5G is a new stage in the commercial flourishing of the world scale. What to expect from the new standard? What will give us? What is the difference? How fast will the Internet be for business use? On the agenda, we consider a block of current issues.

5G. What is it? In a complicated form with the use of abstruse terminology will tell you her majesty Wikipedia, but in NYiGDE? the information is presented in an accessible language. If something is not clear - ask in the comments, write to the mail, call tech support or Google for help.

Fifth generation is a new standard for mobile Internet that will successfully replace the existing 3G and 4G. According to the forecast, the use of radio access will be significantly improved and, finally, it will be possible to simultaneously access a large number of devices to the mobile Internet. The technologies, though not 100% perfect, as some of them are still at the development stage, but they promise to provide very encouraging indicators. The logo of the new standard is ready, presented on a general review.

Do you like? Could come up with something more interesting.

What are the differences and what will people get from launching 5G? Speed. This is what every active user craves. Downloading huge files in excellent quality in a couple of seconds is fantastic. And yes, we will get it. Preliminary tests showed more than 25 Gbit/s. Do not be in a hurry to rejoice, this is a peak figure, and if you take it really, then 5G will give ± 10 Gbit/s. Although what the hell is not joking? What if the results exceed expectations and in the end we will be given twice as much. 

And so, what are the innovations and will 5G be a breakthrough?

1. «Device to Device». What does it mean: neighboring devices can exchange information directly.

2. Network threading. Mobile operators using this technology will be able to “deploy” isolated networks. Each network will be distributed in different directions (video broadcasting, broadband access, etc.).

3. New frequency ranges. 5G will enable the use of higher frequency bands. This will eliminate the interference, which is just wonderful for billions of users, but for this you have to place the stations more tightly and make the transmitters more powerful.

4. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)There will be several antennas on transceivers. Result: in proportion to the number of antennas, the signal quality and the transmission rate of the common information will increase.

From positive: the signal delay will be reduced. According to preliminary promises up to a millisecond, while 4G is 10, and 3G is 100. This will allow:

  Improve the education system. Students will be able to study remotely, with the help of a live broadcast of the process to acquire skills.

 Progress in e-commerce. For users, the purchase procedure will be simplified, and the owners of online stores will reduce the time for loading items.

 Remotely control drones.

 Manage agricultural machinery, monitor fields.

 Industry. Operational control of industrial robots, unification of infrastructure.

 Entertainment. Transfer of video files, live broadcast of events and happiness for gamers: online competitions without a signal delay, VR-games with the participation of numerous users.

From the sad: Wi-fi slowly begins to die. No, well, of course, this is a loud statement. I think it will not happen so soon. And yes, manufacturers of network equipment will begin to live in misery. We will get a positive result from this, since there is no need to buy a device.

Let's relax a little: imagine that our devices, regardless of location, have access to the network around the clock. Social networks, "World of Tanks" until the morning without interruption, Full HD movies and other entertainment without being tied to a pile of wires and a router. Isn't that wonderful? Dreams Come True and maybe this will happen very soon - with the introduction of 5G.


Надеюсь,5G заработает куда получше своих предшественников. Нет - тогда буду окончательно разочарован во всей этой азиатской фигне
Более 25 Гбит/с?? ОГО.. впечатляет!
10 Гбит/с - вірю. 25 Гбит/с - ні. Може десь комусь й пощастить, але не з нашим щастям в Україні.
Макс Лютон 14:27 13.03.2019
Константин Павлевич
Более 25 Гбит/с?? ОГО.. впечатляет!
АГА, через 10 лет, может)))
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