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Oh, these holidays!
5 reasons to fall love in the Winter.
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Why love winter and is it possible to enjoy winter at all?

You know, if it were not for the mad discounts on equipment, the sale of autumn collections of clothing and footwear, the purchase of gifts for Christmas, then it would be true that you would have to enjoy the snow, frost, and often slush. Festive lights of the city, garlands in the windows, Christmas tree decoration under Frank Sinatra "Let it snow". Viewing the millionth time comedy “Home Alone” and gift wrapping for relatives. And rest in the Carpathians, Christmas trips, spiced mulled wine and boxes of mandarin.

Still not appreciated the merits of winter? Then, let's go!

Any weather, every season is endowed with features, including positive. We thought, chose the main, the best and share with you.

Why fall in love with the winter and why be glad:

 Discounts, promotions, sales.

An excellent reason to stock up cheap, buy gifts for the New Year and Christmas. Clothes, shoesother from the category «Fashion and Style», «Electronics» and, of course, «Household Appliances». All online stores arrange New Year's Eve discounts, spend Christmas promotions. It is very profitable to buy off-season things on the marketplace: summer dresses, shirts, shorts, sandals, etc. All this is really cheaper.

Offline stores adhere to pre-holiday policies as well. Promotions for the New Year, less often for Valentine's Day, are also valid, but the benefits to buyers are several times less when compared with online stores. All due to the fact that a few weeks before the holiday, the price is too high: the sellers take from the warehouse the old collections, hang red tags “-20%”, “-30% for the 2nd position” or even “-50%” . Few people notice the previous value of the goods, which was observed ± a month before the launch of the campaign.

 The ideal period to reclaim.

In a hurry, sometimes not enough time for the really important things - the acquisition of skills, self-education. Winter is a time for all-round development: go to the opera, visit exhibitions, finally read a dusty list of books, or simply master new abilities. Go to foreign language courses, sign up for trainings, seminars, it is also useful to listen to lectures. Learn to skate, renew and improve old favorite activities. Someone is crazy about latin, while others have an artist sleeping inside. In 20, 40 or 60 years - not significant. There are hundreds of options; it’s important not just to say “I want”, but to try.

 Get rid of stereotypes.

When outside the window -15 º C, especially not walk the streets, and you do not go to the park. Except for "work - home, home - work" and there is nothing to do. At the sight of sagging trees a depression awakens. Imaginary, invented by someone depression. Get rid of obsessive thoughts - exactly! Drop stereotypes, build your own world. Under light music or in absolute silence, as you like, you should ponder over actions and life in general: look into the future, build a picture and follow it, fix goals. Forget about old adverbs, go to the desired.

 Reason to improve your health.

To Winter is no hurry, which means there is time for yourself. Read the literature, google how to bring the body in tone. Heading "Health" on the blog and the category "Medicine and Health" in ADS on NYiGDE? will help. It makes no sense to repeat after dozens of resources, that at minus temperatures a large number of bacteria die. Think not for nothing that people in northern lands say they live longer and look younger. Huge positive, +1 reason to love the winter. Proper nutrition, a complex of vitamins, frosty air will help maintain health (of course, if you are not sick with angina).

 After winter comes the Spring.

What is not a reason for fun? If there had been no frost, slush, we would never have learned to rejoice at the warmth, the smell of flowering, the bright sun and other after-winter amenities.

For the whole year, things are accumulating too much. When to finish the job, if not in the winter ?! There is so much beauty around! Let's learn to notice the best, enjoy every day and the period of the year presented to the Universe. Believe in a miracle, believe in your abilities and spend the winter with a smile!


NYiGDE? wishes to dear users Merry New Year, Merry Christmas, more joy and wonderful winter holidays!


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