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BTC worth $ 250,000.

BTC worth $ 250,000.

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Bitcoin jumps - Buffett  is crying. “Rat poison in a square”, “.. a real bubble”, “not a valuable non asset” ... no matter how a multi-investor would call a crypto-assets, and the cost of Bitcoin beats all previously held the records. Crypto-holders, who got rid of the Bitcoin, bite your elbows, and who never had time to buy the Bitcoin for ~ $ 5400 (on Waves DEX) - can not buy.

The forecasts from T. Draper are really impressive. Since spring of this year, the venture capitalist regularly convinces crypto enthusiasts in the forty-fold growth of the leading crypto-assets: “.. you have to believe, it will happen. Believe it will happen and it will be fine.” And yes, hype continues. On November 6, he spoke again, but this time at the web-summit, with another conviction: $250,000 for 1 BTC. Where do these cosmo numbers come from? What is it: another hype, someone's well-thought-out crypto-strategy or a new batch of assumptions?

There is every reason to believe Tim. 4 years ago (in 2014), from the mouth of the capitalist sounded: 1 BTC = $ 10,000 until 2017. At that time, its real value was $ 300- $ 320. Some investors predict a fall, convincing the people that Bitcoin is not an asset and does not carry value, like Warren Buffett; others are telling about wild growth until 2022, like Tim Draper. And where to find the truth?

Earlier, in the beginning of autumn, the investor Draper said that the total capitalization of the crypto-market in the next 15 years will reach $ 80 trillion. If combine Bitcoin, blockchain, smart-contracts, add artificial intelligence to such a set, then this will be a real achievement, or rather, “ideal bureaucracy”, as he himself called, during the GovTech conference.

The associates of this investor support his prediction (BTC = $ 250,000), and his son Adam, who followed in his father’s footsteps and is also a venture capitalist, immodestly calls Draper a “legend” (on Twitter).

This is not all, because the arguments, predictions (all called differently) are controversial. Thomas Lee, a Wall Street analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, predicts a growth of no more than $ 25,000 until 2022. He is of the opinion, and advises us that it is advantageous to operate with Bitcoin only ten days a year. All the rest of the time you need to silently buy crypto-assets and wait for growth.

And you know? There’s something in it. If you truly understand crypto-assets, follow the course fluctuations and crypto-news, you have repeatedly seen the accuracy of Tom’s statements. Perhaps, it is still worth buying digital assets and with all this, every time you are guided by a judgment: you should always invest in the long term because a short investment does not bring the maximum percentage of profit.

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Вот мне интересно: чем руководствовался этот легенда-Дрейпер, когда обнародовал такое вот суждение? Возможно читал не внимательно. Да никогда в жизни не поверю в 1 биток по 250 000 баксов.
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