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Alibaba and Walmart continue to improve. Smartphones overtake desktops by the number of transactions.


"Select from the total mass of the potential consumer and please him." - Rule number 1 in e-commerce. Pray to your client! But how do you know whom to pray and whom to worship? Subtleties of the process in the article.

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Learn about the types of e-commerce delivery. Choose a delivery system that is right for your store.


Financial analyst Tom Lee believes that now is the golden time for cryptoinvestors. Venture investor Tim Draper is convinced that the future of the economy is cryptocurrency.


The “golden key” to successful marketing in e-commerce. How to find and apply productive methods for your business in the short instructions on the marketplace NYiGDE?.


E-commerce is popular all over the world. It affects both the economy of individual countries and the world economy as a whole.


The scope of online trading is evolving. This is confirmed by the latest innovations in the e-commerce market.

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Why business and consumers prefer marketplaces? Anyone who has not transformed the business to the Internet will be interested.


Learn what business benefits are provided by e-commerce and use them on the marketplace NYiGDE?


A well-known financial analyst predicts bitcoin growth by the end of this year.

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Bitcoin jumps - Buffett is crying. The crypto holders who got rid of Bitcoin bite their elbows tearfully, and those who have not bought Bitcoin for ~ $ 5400 will no longer be able to buy.

1 BTC = 250.000 $


Alibaba broke the record for Bachelor Day. And the most popular brand was Xiaomi.