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What should people with oncology know and follow? The main thing here! This is too important to miss.


Hardfork Ethereum called Constantinople has not yet taken place.

WordPress will launch a blockchain-based platform for news sites.


The Alibaba group managed to buy out the Berlin startup Data Artisans. Find out what company changes this event will bring.


7 trends in 2019 in the world of e-commerce. You can not ignore it!


The cost of some cryptocurrency began to grow again.


Vitamin C can even affect chemotherapy-resistant tumors - the most severe forms of cancer. How the experiments were conducted in more detail in the article.


The development of the online market is provided by e-commerce giants, as well as well-known retailers and even automotive concerns.


The advantages of e-commerce, compared with other types of trade, ensured its rapid growth.


E-commerce giants are actively combining online and offline commerce, looking for new sales channels.


2018 - became a period of active development of the cryptocurrency industry and cryptocurrency correction.

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Winter - is not just cold and ice. First of all, these are sales on the marketplace, New Year's Eve discounts on home appliances, of course, Christmas holidays and gifts for the New Year.


Find out which days of December are the peak of consumer activity. Why are residents of the UAE considered the most open to shopping on the Internet.