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Instagram made it possible to shop directly on the social network.

Alibaba is actively introducing blockchain technology into its delivery system.


Important announcements have appeared in the Waves Platform blockchain ecosystem.

Payment giant Visa is looking for blockchain specialists.


Answers for the entrepreneur:

1) how to place the goods to buy it;

2) how to build long-term cooperation;

3) how to keep the customer and make him buy your product / service again.


The richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, founder of the e-commerce giant Amazon.

Microsoft has become the first company in the world to provide corporate cloud services in Africa.


Amazon continues to use different sales channels.

FedEx has developed a door-to-door robot.

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What home appliances to buy in 2019. Siemens household gadgets with iSensoric technologies. Rating of world concerns.


The e-commerce market will grow significantly over the next decade.


What think about the cryptocurrency head of Tesla, the founder of Reddit and the creator of Facebook.


Voice input, chat bots and recommendations compiled using artificial intelligence make online shopping easier.

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Create an attractive product card and persuade the user to purchase. How to accomplish this is told quickly and in an understandable language. Want a big sale - follow the instructions!


Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of e-commerce giants.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming full-fledged means of payment and still need proper regulation.