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Easter festival “Rise up, Pysanka!”.

Easter festival “Rise up, Pysanka!”.

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On the main square in Uzhgorod continues the Easter festival under the symbolic name"Rise up, Pysanka!". Countless Easter eggs painted in beautiful style. Participants of the festival competed for prizes in seven ancient techniques of painting Easter eggs. Many holiday visitors expressed a desire to create an Easter masterpiece of his own, what they actively helped students and teachers in Transcarpathian schools. The students were happy to demonstrate skills, acquired skills, and guests of the festival with pleasure mastered the art of painting. This year held the first exhibition of Easter towels, on which the work of teachers and their creative students. Showing embroidery and themed holiday photo staged in the premises of the regional state administration.

For the first time, the festival euphonious name, "Rise up, Pysanka!" took place in 2013 and is recognized as the biggest celebration in the Carpathian region. The second time the festival gave the Easter spirit already three years later, in 2016, where they compete 52 district-wide team.

The works of the masters presented on wrought iron trees that adorned people's square around the perimeter.

This year, the city's main square for the third time took place the real painted Paradise - regional competition-festival. On fifty-four Easter trees holiday guests had the opportunity to see hundreds of Easter eggs, to plunge into the story of our grandmothers, to feel the full flavor of old time, weave time, a combination of ancient and modern art paintings. In addition to the Easter eggs also introduced a variety of attributes, made by folk creators in the same celebratory style. Easter bunnies, lambs and Chicks, baskets decorated with flowers, embroidered towels and icons with symbolic words "Christ is Risen!.


If you, friends lucky enough to visit Easter festival “Rise up, Pysanka!” and take photos of the exhibits — please write to the platform NYiGDE? to review the details of the celebration. Share details, show pictures and add a video of the celebration, as did the user of our resource Rostislav Ivanovich, sincere thanks from the whole team NYiGDE?.


Those who failed to see the eggs from clay, wax Easter egg, Pysanka-drapenko, Easter egg quilling, caryopsis, Malovanka and numerous eggs of beads — You have a great opportunity to fix it. The exhibition will run until Easter, even all week. So, dear users, do not hesitate, and quickly buy tickets to Uzhgorod, go to the main square and grab the camera!



Anna Avramenko 16:52 11.04.2017
Дуже все красиво прикрашено писанками,але мені не щастить бути в Ужгороді.Бажаю вам отримати задоволення від ціеї краси. Христос Воскрес!!!
Violka Сh 15:47 25.04.2017
Anna Avramenko
Anna Avramenko16:52 11.04.2017
Дуже все красиво прикрашено писанками,але мені не щастить бути в Ужгороді.Бажаю вам отримати задоволення від ціеї краси. Христос Воскрес!!!
Справді, надзвичайно гарні роботи! Радує той факт, що є такі добрі, не байдужі, творчі люди, які дарують святкову атмосферу рідному місту та всій Україні. Дякуємо, що залишаєтесь з нами!

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