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May holidays. The travel route.

May holidays. The travel route.

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O-OU-Oud! Finally we waited for clear spring days. The sun is warm, friends, it's time to disturb and again to come alive after winter hibernation, because there is still so much to do: restore the form to fly, to buy new clothes, to wipe the dust of the fishing gear, change the fishing line on spinning rods and fishing rods and of course to search for places for outdoor recreation, because soon may!!! The holidays are coming up, and supporters a comfortable stay should think in advance where to go and where to book. Maybe someone wishes to travel a few countries to go on tour in Europe? In every city there are lots of travel agencies that are always at Your service! Find time, refer to the catalog and choose the direction. To plan a trip in a warm country for a few months, so we miss this moment, because it makes no sense to talk about warm Islands with palm trees and tropical resorts in may and April, but on excursions in Ukraine — at the time. But if You forgotten it, if so overworked that they forgot about spring vacation - no hard feelings, Nyigde? already did all the work for You.

We offer you to look at a selection of the budget (remember the dollar?) options for spring break for any pocket not only in Your city but throughout the country.

Where to rest at the may, over many years, the answer is obvious and always the same - on the barbecue! This tradition is unwavering, because what could be better than relaxing in nature? There is no substitute for fresh air, birds singing, the smell of the first flowers and fresh grass. Picnic, friends, relatives, fragrant smoke of the grill, a bottle of good wine...what else is needed. So cool that we have a couple of vacation days to spend with pleasure. Just wave the cottage to friends, visit parents, gossip, talk heart to heart, tell us about the achievements.

may holidays, barbecue, meat, grilled dishes, a picnic in the forest

For those few delicious barbecue, flavorful steak, songs with guitar near the campfire and soft, cushy blankets - we offer the following options where you can go by yourself or take advantage of discounts, promotions from travel agencies.


Rest in the Carpathians. Bukovel, Yaremche, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta.

This rest is ideal, if You are not going to save the budget, since these places are not cheap. There are a lot of entertainment, perfect for the may festivities. All offers: hotels, guest houses, cottages that welcome guests all year round. Tourism in these areas is growing rapidly. Restaurants, cafeterias, bars, restaurant, tavern, youth and spas to Your service. Here you can also fish and hunt, all accessories can be rented for a fee. In some places you can even go skiing because there is snow until the middle of may. Forests, rivers, streams, fresh air, Hiking, rafting and stunning views of the mountainous landscape — all this in the Carpathians. Fry kebab, swing on the swings, sit back and relax in the gazebo, lunch in the fresh air, taste the national dishes and feel the flavor of the Carpathian...so cool to combine them all and try everything. Natural vacation at every whim: family, friends, acquaintances, team — to meet you all. So, friends, don't get lost, put on our running shoes, looking for sports clothes, throw a rucksack over his back and ran to the Carpathians — adventures await!

Bukovel, Carpathians, the site Nigde, Carpathians, nature, spring picnic, may

In may on the sea.

If you still do not have enough bright sun, warm rays, walks on sandy beaches, sea breeze and a spectacular sunset — You one route — the sea! It's not cheap, but not so expensive, compared to the summer months. In the context of the situation in the East - the occupation of Crimea by Russian troops, unfortunately we no longer have free access to the Crimean beach. We have selected a part of history, part of life of every Ukrainian, some of our grandparents, a piece of ourselves. Do not want about sad, but it is a fact, although many do not recognize it.

Crimea, Crimea, sea, flag of Ukraine, may

Yet we have some of the Black and Azov seas. Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhye and a small portion of the Nikolaev area waiting for us on the may holiday. Numerical boarding houses, hotels, resorts, tour bases, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs offer their services with the onset of warm days and until late autumn. You can go "savages", the space station in may on the seas there anyway, as they have not started the season, there's no big movement. So, my dear, refueled the car, buy train tickets, reserve seats (with no problems), and pack your things!

rest, spring, beach, sea, barefoot on the sand, may holidays

Excursions to the cities of Ukraine.

Zakarpattya: Uzhgorod, Khust. 

Alley Sakura. Sakura is a tree, blooming in pink and few people know that to grow it is very difficult. Where it takes root, is naturally in Japan, some States of America and we, in Uzhgorod. And, you know, a sin to live life in Ukraine and not to see such a beautiful plant that blooms in may. And what's more, not only Sakura will make You happy, but also Transcarpathian flavor. The kitchen is very varied and very different from other areas of Ukraine, so + will be able to enjoy traditional dishes.

Uman, alley Sakura, nу i gde, may holidays

Valley of daffodils. In Khust is another wonderful place: fresh air, incredible views and a sea of flowers, white, fragrant narcissi. Every year plenty of tourists come here with pleasure, to distract from city bustle and stroll through the flower fields.

daffodil valley, Carpathian mountains, Khust, flowers, field, grass

In Khust you can go to the ostrich farm. Bring cabbage and bread to feed the ostriches. And if You've never tried food from giant ostrich eggs, this will be introduced.Ostrich farm, Khust, Carpathians, animals, zoo

What else is interesting in Transcarpathia, since this variety of jam that you can try. In Vynogradiv district (S. Botar) has opened a tasting room jam. So a sweet tooth, go to the far West of Ukraine to take photographs under the Sakura and a selfie in a flower valley! Oh Yes, almost forgot.. and don't forget to bring a large spoon for the jam smirk


"Grandpa Lviv".

Historic city..where to go first? Well of course it's everyone's favorite lions! "Old grandpa Lviv" Ukrainian flavor, with numerous monuments and museums (entrance fee), with architectural works of art. Every building, every house here is reminiscent of a rich historical past, Ukrainian. Don't know about You, but I'm from this town are just crazy, fell in love with him as soon as stepped on the platform of the train car. Everything is decorated in Ukrainian style, in many places pervaded with the spirit of ancient customs. Lviv is full of places that are not that well worth a visit and is a must. Secret passages, dungeon, town Hall, High castle, from the top overlooking completely the entire city. Even the big buildings from the top of the castle overlook the tiny dots visible only the roofs of houses. How great..that feeling when you stand under the clouds ... when you think a little longer and you can reach them by hand. On the first Saturday in may celebrates the city Day, so may in Lviv is doubly cool.

Old Lviv, a lion, an architectural city monuments

Wherever You go, which way did not turn or got off the tram — it's fun, there's always something to see and with whom to joke. The city has a water Park, which is full of fun slides, giant tubes, which fall down with a cry and fear, with great fear, swimming pools, waterfall showers, sauna and cafes. If there is not enough of an extreme, a little adrenaline — come to the water Park for the whole day, it is very cool. A couple of hours will be enough, because the Aqua-Park, time flies by at a frantic pace. So fun, so positive that not even want to leave. Such may rest never hurt anyone, but rather to cheer you up and not empty her pockets.Water Park, Lviv, nуigde



Very popular recently become a trip to Vinnitsa. Here, well-developed infrastructure. Vinnitsa is associated primarily with trams and wide streets, with lots of signs and road markings, which is easy to get confused by car. Also the city has beautiful parks and gardens, but the main credit for the high attendance is a fountain Roshen, which was built in the river southern bug and which is among the ten most beautiful fountains in the world. And this is another reason to be proud of their country. Vinnytsia fountain is not just a spray of water, it's a 3D show. Here water dances to the classics. At the same time you can watch a cartoon, watch the movement of water and listen to music. Who else was not here, believe me, it is very beautiful.


Cherkasy region. Uman, Buki.

Visit the fabulous world of unique Park complexes in the may weekend is fine. The Park is recognized as the most romantic in the country, therefore it is a good idea to arrange the trip romantic for two. Here you can ride on a boat that is floating on the underground river Styx, to plunge into the world of fantasy. So you can walk around with your loved one on the island of love. About 3000 variety of plants are collected for 200 years.

Uman Park Sofievka, nуigde, may holidays

Cafes, restaurants, clubs, tavern always happy to see tourists, so don't think and quickly set off. The locals advise you to taste cafe "BlinОk", where the food is homemade pancakes with different delicious fillings, cost ± $ 1 per serving and the rest complex "the tavern on the outskirts" - sleep the outskirts of the city. I propose to use the small houses for rest, sauna, summer terrace, a restaurant of national cuisine and rental ATV.

Bukskii canyon is an incredibly beautiful place, the length of which is 5 km, and depth up to 20 meters in certain places. At the time it was built the first HES. The nature here is truly unique and may holidays in the canyon will bring You unforgettable experiences.

Buky canyon, nуigde, may holidays, where to relax for may, nature


Odessa — the pearl of Ukraine. The city has an extraordinary history, which is why to enjoy it, too, is. In the beginning of may is already quite warm so you can walk along the promenade, feel the warmth of sand, hear the sound of the sea. And where else can you hear such a fascinating dialect with emphasis on multi-faceted if not the streets of Odessa? Famous from Soviet times Deribasovskaya will not leave You without emotion. How to relax during the may holidays, then of course you must visit the pearl of Ukrainian wine "Shabo".

Wine cultural center SHABO, nуigde, may holidays

Everyone can get the opportunity to visit the Holy of holies - the "Center of wine culture", where the rest of the domestic wine in huge wooden barrels.

Wine cultural center SHABO, nуigde, may holidays

In the Museum of "Shabo" wine is full of fascinating exhibits. Wines of local origin, you can try to Eat and other entertainment but they are, in comparison with wine center not that impressive.

wine Shabo, misc holidays, weekends

Castles Of Podillya.

If you want to see ancient buildings, historic fortresses, to plunge into the memories of the books about knight's past is lacerated in Podillya, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Medzhybizh, Samchyky (manor Chechel), Letichev (a Dominican monastery, defensive fortress). Here are the most famous castles in all of Ukraine. The most legendary is Kamyanets-Podilsky and fortress. This city won in the national project "7 wonders of Ukraine".

fortress in Podolia and Kamianets Podilskyi, tour, may, nуigde

The fortress has long been a powerful and invincible. There are so many moves, so many narrow corridors that you need to take turn to not get stuck. Very exciting to run around the castle, so don't waste time and let's go sightseeing.

cave, fortress, Kamianets Podilskyi, nigde website

Ukraine is full of beautiful places, which in spring become even more beautiful and silly to pack their bags, fly to other countries in the spring, at a time when the Homeland is full of beauty. Yes, a weekend abroad is great, but you cannot look beautiful outside the country without seeing its inner beauty. And yet how wonderful that we, the people of Ukraine have the opportunity boasts unique places, nature places in all corners of our native land.

Ukraine is our country, nуigde


В моєму житті довелось у багатьох містах побувати, така вже доля музиканта. І Софіївку бачив і фортецю Кам*янецьку, а от Шабо ще не бачив, в музеї не бував. Цікаво скуштувати кількалітнього витриманого винця).
в прошлом году в Карпаты выпала возможность сьездить, ох, какая уже там красота, просто заворожила природа: такие водопады красивые, травка зеленая, много лесных цветов насобирала-неделю стояли в вазе, начали вянуть примерно на 5 день. Такая красота, очень хочу туда еще!!
Лілія Мотиль 14:47 11.04.2016
Львів Львів і тільки Львів! І не тільки тому, що це є моє місто, так я виросла у Львові і я маю честь пишатися цим, бо то є моя неймовірна земля, яка сповнена незвідними пригодами. Приїздіть до Львова на травневі свята, бо у нас досхочу розваг! Від імені усіх Львів´ян виражаю подяку за такі добрі слова про наше місто! Думаю, ні, впевнена, що мої земляки погодяться.
Ігор Пастух 15:09 11.04.2016
Намагаємось з родиною щороку бувати в Карпатах на початку весни, дуже полюбляємо взимку лижі. Ми не тратимо багато часу на дорогу бо самі живемо не далеко. Буває за один день вертаємось.Зрання поїхали а вечером вже вертаємось. І покатались і повеселились і додому вернулись. На море менше їздимо, бо лінь так далеко їхати.
Ihor Mysikov 15:43 11.04.2016
А ми то кожен рік вибираємо перший варіант від цього блога, бо нащо десь їхати коли можна з мяском з цибулькою посидіти на травичці у лісі , пташок послухати ну і чарочку за весну випити з друзями. Смачно так пахне той шошлик і гріх його не поїсти, а цього року ще й Паска))))
все по турам а я на картошку( Каждый год на 1,2 числа ездим на огород. В этом году повезло - Пасха)) Отдыхаем.
Коля Молот 17:48 12.04.2016
я у Світлогірське або Солошине з кумом поїду на риболовлю, що правда не впевнений що зловимо щось, якогось карася))) хіба що Русалку.
Alinka Bondaruk 10:11 14.04.2016
дуже придуже люблю м"яско на кострі. Ні на що не проміняю пікнік, природу і перші квіти !
В області на свята травневі День міста, тому поїдемо на традиційні гуляння. Скуштуємо смаколиків, може десь в гості сходимо, а тоді вже й на шматок шашлику можна зібратись.
нема коли на природу, по країнам і містам розїзджати! Лопату в руки і на дачу город садити!)

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